Space management in Small Apartments – A Simple Guide

Feb 11, 2023 | Living Comfort

If you are wondering how to maximize space in a small apartment, you have come to the right place. In order to make the space appear larger, many individuals are looking for storage solutions for small apartments. People wish to improve their efficiency of knowing how to maximize or save space.
That is likely the reason for the availability of so many home improvement articles about getting the most of your available space, tiny homes, and other topics.
This article provide you the tips and tricks of space management in small apartments.

We will guide you through making the most of the space in your small apartment by sharing our best tricks. Avoid making impulsive decisions like packing everything and move or giving up your possessions.

Why Maximizing Space is Important

Effective use of space provides you more opportunities to explore something significant.
For instance, you could set up a study room to motivate children develop learning environment at home. Or you can set up a fitness room to spend more time working out for better health.
You may start organizing small areas and making small apartments into fantastic living places by following the advices we present in this article. These will give you more space to work with in the long run.

Challenges of living in a small space

Storage space is one of the most important aspects a home can have. It is because it helps to decrease clutter while allowing people to keep their belongings. People look for different ways to store their stuff due to a lack of storage space.

According to pier1, the biggest challenge of smaller space is having “Not enough storage”, which accounts for 45 percent followed by


    • Not enough closet space – 39%

    • No garage – 36%

    • No office or workspace – 34%

    • No outdoor space – 34%

    • No room for entertaining – 33%

    • No room separation – 33%

    • No counter space – 32%

    • No entryway – 29%

    • Poor lighting – 25%

    • Excess noise – 19%

Area people wish they had more space in their home

The number one area people wish they had more space in is kitchen.

Living room (67%), master bedroom (55%), dining room (50%), and bathroom(s) (48%) follow the kitchen in order of importance. What is most unexpected? Comparatively speaking, a dedicated office or workspace scored somewhat poorly (29%), considering the number of employees who have converted to working remotely over the years.

13 tips for space management in small apartments

Free Up

First of all, unless you get rid of a FEW things, you cannot make extra space in your residence.

Before moving on to more in-depth advice and suggestions, decluttering will create more space and do so in the simplest way possible.

You can get rid of something if you have not used it in six months. Of course, not everything in the apartment will fit this description, but adopt this attitude generally.

Start by searching your apartment for things you do not use or that you may tell yourself are a waste of space. Put goods in self-storage, donate them, and follow the standard procedures.

You will have more room to use small apartment storage techniques if you have less stuff in your space.

Once the clearing phase is complete, you may begin the organization portion of the procedure to maximize space further.

Get Stuffs Organized

You require all the assistance you can get to make the most of the limited space in small apartments. Unlock more storage options by organizing your furniture and belongings inside the flat.

Increase your storage capacity by adopting the previous step, but now it has to be sorted. It can eliminate the confined area and make the entire apartment functional and accessible. By clearing out all of the previous clutter, the living room will be functional.

We advise dividing up small spaces to increase organization before going overboard. To organize goods, use dividers inside the drawers. The same is applicable to kitchen cabinetry.

Purchase Furniture that has Multiple Uses

Organizing and decluttering have already had a significant impact on your space. However, if you still are not where you need to be, you may continue the process by making the most of your larger living space and starting to think about dual-purpose furniture.

Many movables may fulfil multiple functions, which saves room and makes good use of that area. Here are some ideas for making the most of every square inch of your space with multipurpose fittings.

Murphy or Foldable Bed

The frequently disregarded foldable bed is one of these things or pieces of custom furniture that we refer. If you have a studio apartment or other tiny area, a murphy bed might be a terrific addition.

When not in use, you can fold these beds into the wall to add to the aesthetics of the space.

Thus, a studio apartment sleeping area can now expand into a living room without being observed, converting a possible bedroom into an office during the day or non-sleeping hours.

Natural Lighting

A clever way to strategically increase the perception of space is to strategically add windows, such as a long, narrow one in the bathroom though maintaining privacy. Additionally, windows will enable proper airflow, preventing a room from feeling stuffy or stagnant.

Use Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are a must in a small home. They give the appearance of depth and greater volume, enlarging the space.

Here are some ideas for using mirrors to give the impression that your home is larger:


    • Use a mirror that has been framed and sliced to look like a window in a small space without one.

    • Put a mirror in your kitchen to give the impression that the space beyond is open.

    • Install a tall mirror to increase the sense of space in the room by drawing the attention upward.

    • You can transform the corridor, usually the smallest and the darkest space in a house, by installing a creative collection of mirrors.

Lighter Shades Will Brighten Your Space

Brightly colored paint is one of the simplest ways to make a room appear larger. Bright colors are highly reflecting, allowing them to optimize the effects of natural light.

Your room will feel lighter and more spacious as a result. On the other hand, dark window coverings absorb light and shrink the room. The finest color schemes for small rooms include cool grey, pale taupe, and stark white.

To make your room appear larger, think about painting your wall moldings and trim a shade lighter than your walls.

Use Your Creativity to Light Up

A sense of space is easy to create with the correct lighting. Above all, do not rely on just one source of light. Instead, employ a variety of light sources to illuminate your space, such as floor lamps, table lamps on sideboards, and ceiling lights.

Utilize wall lighting next to highlight corners. For instance, make the space appear larger by adding creative wall lights in awkward places or corners.

By hanging a long pendant lamp from the ceiling, you may also use the vertical space present as a focus point. It is especially effective if your room has a high ceiling and a tiny floor area.

Do not forget to use natural light as well. It is always the finest method to add light and air to an area.

Install sheer curtains

Long vertical stripes on high-hanging curtains provide the impression of height, which is perfect for rooms with low ceilings. The optimum place for thick, dark, and trouser-length curtains is above the window, at least 3 inches over the frame.

Every time you open and close the curtains, the room appears large and more elegant. In a small space, trouser curtains allow you to create a statement comfortably.

Space Optimization Using Dual-Purpose Rooms

Making your rooms multifunctional is one easy way to increase space in a compact house. You can unknowingly be doing this in many circumstances already. You may quickly expand your home with a little organization and more usable space.

Utility room and laundry

The best of both worlds can be yours if you combine your laundry and utility rooms. Organize your shoes, coats, and outdoor gear while keeping the laundry nearby in case of a muddy emergency.

The Dining room and kitchen

Hosting a dinner is simple if your dining room table and kitchen are adjacent. Consider getting a kitchen table with a leaf to add more seating when you have visitors and conserve room the rest of the time. A leaf is a board that modifies table size.

A guest bedroom and a workspace

You may place a desk on one wall and a daybed or sofa bed on the other, depending on how much room you have in this bedroom.

Do not let your guest bedroom become unused while you wait for an overnight guest. Instead, turn it into a regular workspace by including an office or even a playroom for kids.


Utilizing vertical space, such as with wall shelves or hanging organizers, decluttering and getting rid of items that are frequently unused, using light colors for the walls and using furniture to make the space look big, and maintaining the space organized and uncluttered are some strategies for maximizing space in small apartments.

Mirrors can also give the impression that a room is bigger and more open.

Share the tips and tricks for maximizing space in small apartments in the comment box below. You can also share your small apartment floor plans or inspiring photos of space-saving solutions. We will appreciate your support. Have a great time.